Vicki McFarland

An Ontario-based artist, Vicki McFarland explores the emotional response evoked by colour, texture and form. By eliminating the brush from the painting process, Vicki allows her intuition to guide her as she encourages the flow of paint across the canvas. She draws inspiration from nature, from patterns and textures and from music. The final aesthetic of each piece is the result of many layers of paint which interact, obscure and build upon each other. The freedom, emotion and optimism in Vicki's creative process is reflected in the finished product.

`My work is intended to evoke an emotional response with the viewer. I let my intuition guide me in the colours, angles, shapes and layering of paint. Typically, I pick a song and let the rhythm become part of the design process.
When designing, it is as much about the white space as it is the colours, and having an idea of where I want to flow the paint and how much white space to leave.

My technique provides me the freedom to let go of preconceived ideas of the visual outcome, and instead lets my feelings dictate the process. I call this process `Pouring my heart out`. The reward which comes from expressing feelings in a piece of art is overwhelming. I liken the experience to a runner`s high which many artists feel. My hope is that I can pass along some of this deeply felt emotion with canvas and paper.`
Vicki McFarland

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