Valerie Raynard

Born in 1987, Valerie Raynard is a Vancouver-born artist whose paintings and drawings explore the ways in which industry and the natural world intersect.

Valerie comes to the visual arts from an academic background in economics and development studies, which instilled in her process a rigorous investigation of her subject matter, both intellectually and visually. Her work strives to place the viewer in a reality of intensified colour, perspective, and memory.

Valerie's practice involves a lot of time outdoors actively looking, drawing, and photographing as well as many hours making work in the studio.

An additional part of her practice is donating works to local and environmental organizations such as the Forager Foundation, the Northern Spotted Owl Breeding Program of B.C., Family Services of the North Shore, and Arts Umbrella.

She lives in Vancouver, B.C.

Valerie Raynard's CV