Katherine Jeans

Katherine Jeans is a prolific filmmaker and visual artist. Her artistic career began as a director of film and television programs, more than 30 years ago, when she joined Sound Venture Productions as a partner. Her Gemini award winning body of work has been a life-long exploration of the arts.

As a visual artist Katherine is interested in capturing the ephemeral moment of a moving image. Her unique style has movement, depth and transparency that is historically connected to her vocabulary as a filmmaker.
Her paintings are a personal selection of random freeze frames much like you would see in a dream or a moving picture. She is interested in emulating an out-of-focus mystery onto the canvas.

`As an Existential thinker I search for universal beauty that can be observed in my art of what I feel is an existential moment. Through my career in film I have been conditioned to see the world at 24 frames a second. To freeze a moment ultimately challenges my notion of what is perfection. This collection of flowers and abstracts is part my continued search to find the ultimate moment of beauty. Flowers have a higher purpose in life and I hope to challenge the viewers thinking to look beyond a beautiful flower but to share with you an ephemeral moment that can never be repeated.` - Katherine Jeans