Jim Park

Jim Park`s artistic practice is intricately woven into the fabric of the local landscape. For Park, paint serves as a language through which the recollections of lived experiences intertwine with the vast possibilities offered by the canvas. His paintings act as tangible records of this fusion -a convergence of memory, perception, and emotional encounters.

While Park draws inspiration from various sources such as photographs, sketches, and field notes, his creations bear a profound sensitivity to his connection with the dream state. His artistic vision manifests as a personal collage, where he not only represents but also invents and synthesizes, creating a captivating interplay between reality and imagination. In Park`s pieces, one can discern both the tangible elements sourced from photographs and the ethereal qualities drawn from the realm of dreams.

This delicate equilibrium between spontaneity and meticulous attention in the final artwork mirrors Park's creative process. The underlying theme that runs through his work is the simplification of visual concepts, fostering a swift comprehension for immediate impact. Within Park`s thoughtful approach, this impact not only resonates instantaneously but also endures, showcasing a harmonious blend of spontaneity and contemplation in his artistic endeavors.

Having completed his education at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design (now University), he has amassed a collection of work that is sought after and held in both public and private collections across North America.

Jim Park's CV