Gina Sarro


Immerse yourself in the vast landscapes of artist Gina Sarro where the artist captures a tranquil distant vista with her distinct technique, painting skies, earth and water evoking a sense of flatness and depth.

Using both a brush and knife, partly to diminish, and partly to layer the paint itself, Gina balances strong compositional horizontals with rhythmic vertical gestures. Abstracted marks of colour come together to create a serene, reminiscent composition which may be suddenly interrupted by defined saturated lines of colour cutting vertically through it. This unexpected bisection of the landscape entices the viewer to look a little closer, searching to understand the meaning and what Gina is trying to say with her paint; a moment of pause and reflection.

Inspiration from homes in Saskatchewan, where she was born, and the Alberta foothills, where she completed an Economics degree at the University of Calgary and studied painting at Alberta College of Art and Design, strongly influence her work. Gina attended the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, where she currently resides. Her paintings are held in private and corporate collections in Canada, the US and internationally. A donated 13` triptych graces the main corridor of the Jim Pattison Pavilion at Vancouver General Hospital.

`In my most recent work, vast landscapes recall an old-world charm, with a vintage and perhaps romantic feeling. A move to the country, after living in the city of Vancouver for almost 30 years, has me reminiscing of days growing up on the Prairies, in small town Saskatchewan. It`s funny how our life journey can bring us back around full circle to a place of familiarity, simplicity, and comfort. This new, but familiar environment, initiated a change up in my colour palette where I am drawn to a more desaturated, dramatic, and earthy palette. The use of vertical strokes to balance out the strong horizontal marks in my work, also allow a `veiling` of sort adding to the mystery and dreamlike feeling of past days.`
Gina Sarro.

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