Felice Mazzoni

Felice Mazzoni was born in Tofino, British Columbia. Having grown up both next to the sea and in close proximity to the Pacific Rim National Park, Felice has always been fascinated by recreating the breathtaking beauty of the west coast.

As an emerging artist, his inspiration to start painting came from his love for Van Gogh, being attracted to the whimsical and colourful nature of the French countryside.

`I like to manipulate light through oil colours, often combined with a strong background or foreground object. I paint in both colour and black and white, but I often gravitate toward scenes that offer texture. Nature is my greatest source of inspiration, so many of my paintings emerge from my childhood interest in landscapes on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

I do not pre-sketch my paintings nor do I use any projector or other artificial means of creating a layout. I free-hand paint from light to dark or back to front with very thin layers of oil. I will use oil layers, some transparent, some opaque, whichever offers me the best combination of colour and texture. I find that oil is great for blending and often unique colours can be made from layering that cant be achieved with other mediums. `
Felice Mazzoni.

Felice's work has been collected nationally and internationally.

Felice Mazzoni's CV