Eva Kolacz

`What distinguishes Eva Kolacz's art is that the painterly gesture exists in a continuum of emotion. It extends a feeling directly into a language of light and paint. The two fuse, form, trail off, run, stop, resonate, and the painting becomes a stage for human emotions, one that has a continuity.
One begins to believe these paintings exist in a real place and time, but this is a pure painterly universe, with each scenario generated by emotions, and painted with colour, produced by light.` John K. Grande, art expert and author.

A full-time professional painter, Eva Kolacz incorporates her experiences in theatre and poetry in her paintings. Residing in Oakville, Ontario, she is a graduate of Ontario Collage of Art and Design and a Member of the Ontario Society of Artists. Born in Poland, Eva began her career as a painter with her residency in Canada in 1981. She has participated in many shows in Canada, US, Japan and Europe. Her work is found in both public and private collections across North America. Eva?s recent work can be seen in the Government of Ontario Art Collection.

`Through colour and shape, light and shadow, I would like to ignite thoughts that evoke emotions and personal reflections.` Eva Kolacz

Eva Kolacz's CV