Dolf Vermeulen

Dolf Vermeulen is a young self-taught photographer residing on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. He has called this place home ever since his family moved to Canada just a year after he was born in England.

After completing high school on the Sunshine Coast Dolf quickly transitioned to attending UBC Okanagan`s business management program, specializing his degree in marketing and project management. It was during this time that he discovered photography and not until his third year that he purchased his first DSLR. He quickly found that the majority of his free time was spent taking photos and watching youtube tutorials. After graduating with honours in 2015 Dolf worked for the provincial government battling BC`s largest forest fires in order to fund a full frame DSLR and a winter of travelling.

Dolf has been fortunate to visit and experience 20 countries to date, all of which has left him with valuable insights and memories. Dolf finds it very exciting to shoot different scenes and learn how to highlight the unique characteristics of new environments.

During the summer of 2016 Dolf worked as a photographer in one of the most scenic areas of Canada, let alone the entire world, at Peregrine Lodge Fishing Adventures, in Northern Haida Gwaii.

`Coming from any point of view British Columbia is an incredible part of the world, but for a photographer, it’s even better! Scale defying landscapes, jagged mountain peaks, wide-open oceans, and old-growth forests are just the start of it. Take this amazing terrain and fill it with an exuberant array of wildlife coming in all shapes and sizes. Then, to top it all off, the entire country is constantly changing as four very different, but equally incredible, seasons roll by throughout a year. Photography and British Columbia are a match made in heaven. This province is always encouraging me to work on my photo skills and try to do our magnificent surroundings justice.`
Dolf Vermeulen

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