Valerie Raynard

Valerie Raynard is a Vancouver-born artist whose work is inspired by humanity "dramatic relationship with nature " a relationship both ecstatic and destructive which lies at the heart of our existence. Her fascination with the natural environment emerges in all her forms of self-expression.

Primarily self-taught, Valerie's artistic career has taken shape under the mentorship and teaching of local painter Ross Penhall. With a B.A. in Economics from the University of British Columbia and an MSc. in Development Studies from the London School of Economics, Valerie`s search to understand the world has led her back to her own creativity. Through the creative process she feels she can glean something of what can be understood about life.

Valerie's paintings and drawings explore the contrast between the natural world and the human constructs we accept as part of our environment. She expresses herself primarily through colour, using it to break through a perceived 'reality' and touch another dimension shimmering just beyond. Donating artworks for environmental organizations such as the Forager Foundation and the Northern Spotted Owl Breeding Program of B.C. is part of her practice.

She has studios in Lions Bay, B.C. and Berlin, Germany.

'Our World addresses the age-old cultural theme of "(hu)man vs. nature", in which a savage environment must be fought, overpowered, and subjugated to ensure human survival. With their intensity of colour and dimension, the works are an exploration of the aesthetic subjectivity of natural and man-made forms. They place the viewer in front of a 'real' scene and ask: " Is it Our World because we are its owners, using it to feed our needs?", or "Is it Our World because we have created it, made it a manifestation of our dreams and desires? "
Valerie Raynard.

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