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Born and raised in British Columbia on a dairy farm in the lower mainland, James learned a love for animals and the outdoors from an early age. His skill and passion for art drove him through school and inspired him to further develop his skills by enrolling in Emily Carr College of Art & Design in Vancouver. Soon after his graduation he was represented by the Harrison Gallery in Vancouver, but a chance meeting of an up and coming art publisher named Garry Peters caused a change of direction in his career. Signing on with Art in Motion as their first artist began a long business relationship and friendship with Garry and Vicki Peters as they took their dream from start-up to one of the most successful publishing companies in the world.

Starting as a landscape artist was not enough for James. As he progressed through his 26 years with AIM he discovered that his talent allowed him to execute many different looks and styles of work to suite a particular client or need in the market. He is able to work in both representational and abstract categories with ease. Many of his classic images have been distributed and become recognizable all over the world.

Since Garry and Vicki's retirement in 2006, James has continued to produce successful images with Wild Apple Graphics in Vermont, U.S.A.

The subject matter that he continues to enjoy revisiting most remains large florals and creation in general from a tiny exquisite beetle, a colorful luminescent jellyfish to a regal moose in it's natural habitat.

James still calls the Fraser Valley his home and continues to be inspired by his surroundings every day.


Graduate of Emily Carr College of Art & Design
Diploma in Printmaking


1994 Pacific Salmon Foundation Award winner
1998 Pacific Salmon Foundation Award winner
50th Anniversary B.C. Outdoors Magazine Cover and 3, 2 page spreads.

James Wiens work has appeared on numerous movies and TV shows including: The Office, CSI New York, Vegas, & Miami, How I Met Your Mother, Oprah, O.C., Gilmore Girls & Lost.

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