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Upcoming Exhibitions
June 16th, 2018
South Granville Art Galleries Art Walk - Group Exhibition
THE UNIQUE EVENT NOT TO BE MISSED! During the annual South Granville Galleries Art Walk Kurbatoff Gallery PRESENTS: BEATRIX SYJUCO:
all-sensory spontaneous performance by the Vancouver born, Philippine raised painter Beatrix Syjuco, when she is creating ` a moving painting`.


11 am - 1 pm - Meet our BC Gallery Artists
1:30 pm - Artist talk by Beatrix Syjuco.
2 pm - Live All-Sensory Spontaneous Performance - creation of “ a moving painting" by Beatrix Syjuco.
2:30 - 4 pm - Reception. Meet our artists.

BEATRIX SYJUCO presenting:

There is a myriad of things that have been lost or forgotten in our world today. We go about our lives in splits of black and white, immersing ourselves in the hustle and bustle, as though the only things that mattered were the trivial and mundane. Our children pass up toys and the whimsical fancy once wrought from them, for the likes of computers, mobile phones, products of the rapidly growing digital age. Gone are the days when our idea of romance involved long-winded letters, meticulously written in inimitable penmanship. Our ideals for beauty have been tainted by the dictates of the media, so much so that we would rather deem aesthetics to be more beautiful than the intricate complexities of the human spirit.

Indeed, the times are changing. But have these things of the past really been lost or forgotten, or could they exist as true vessels of timeless beauty – in between the rigid blacks and whites – perhaps within the evanescent spectrum in between?

Vancouver-born, Philippine-raised artist, BEATRIX SYJUCO will mount her abstract paintings and render a riveting performance art piece inspired by this subject matter this ART WALK 2018. Hailing from a third-world country, where she spent most her life, there are few things Beatrix holds more sacred than appreciating the things that truly matter in this world.

Making use of various found objects, spontaneous movement and live sound art accompaniment, her all-sensory performance is set to create a “moving painting” that chronicles the hardships and upheavals she has been exposed to, while celebrating her faith in the resilience of the human spirit and her passion for preserving the things we tend too often to take for granted. The Artist is also slated to deliver an Artist Talk, where she will expound on the essence behind her abstract pieces – both painting and performance based.

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