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Joel Masewich is a professional visual artist working full-time for the past 25 years. His paintings can be found in many private and corporate collections. Joel is an abstract painter, working with acrylic and mixed media. His multi-layered imaginary works represent his emotional response to landscapes, and sometimes to events or ideas. Many of his paintings are strongly horizontal and contain visual references to water or light. His vivid colours are sharply contrasting, as if lit by direct sunlight. Art collectors are drawn to the immediate, fresh quality of his works which crosses the boundary between landscape and abstract art.

His technique is to layer the paints, then intermix them with palette knives and brushes, living a sharp and lively interplay of colour. Joel now includes collage elements to his works that involves stainless steel shapes, which are laser cut and applied to the canvas.

Joel Masewich lives in a rural area, in the hamlet of Salem, which sits on the outskirts of the village of Elora, southwestern Ontario. He is active in the local art community, but also travels widely to show his work in galleries and exhibitions.

“By combining various media, stainless steel and acrylic paint, I try to capture the feeling and create a bridge to the expressive quality of the moment, the multiple ways of seeing a landscape, the hidden compositions of colour and texture, and the hidden energy we all sense in the land – abstracting a cascading stream into gestures of colour and light.”


  • Kurbatoff Gallery. Vancouver, BC
  • Circle Arts. Tobermory, Ontario
  • Contempoary Fine Art Services. Toronto, Ontario
  • Davis Canadian Arts. Stratford, Ontario
  • Liss Gallery. Toronto, Ontario
  • Shayne Gallery. Montreal, Quebec
  • Arttrax Gallery. Port Credit, Ontario
  • Art Gallery of Hamilton. Hamilton, Ontario
  • Christopher Morgan Gallery. Palm Desert, CA, USA
  • Sandra Nuestatder Gallery. White Plains, NY, USA
  • Delray Beach, FLorida, USA .

Recent Exhibitions:

2014 Solo Show. Kurbatoff Gallery. Vancouver, BC
2011 - 2012 - 2013 -2014 Sandra Nuestatder Gallery, NY, USA
2010 - 2012 Coconut Grove Arts Festival, Miami, Florida, USA
2010 Welligton County Museum and Archives. Paintings of Newfoundland. Ontario
2008 Art Expo Las Vegas, USA
2005( Best of Show) through 2009, Naples, Florida, USA
2005 through 2009 ( Best mixed media) Boca Raton Museum of Art
May 2011 Wellington County Museum and Archives
February 2011 Christopher Morgan Gallery, Palm Desert, CA, USA
January 2011 Art West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Paintings from Newfoundland 6 Artists works from a two week visit in 2009


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Annex Publishing
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Bank of America
Ontario Supreme Court
Birnie Electric Company
Oracle Corporation
Carlton University Hospital
PC Docs Inc.
Peelco Manufacturing
Citi Bank Canada
Proctor and Gamble
Commerce Customs Brokers
Quaker Oats Company
Cooper and Cooper
Rogers Communications Inc.
Co-operators Insurance Company
Rostland Corporation
Dover Elevator
Roxborough Hotel
Dunn and Bradstreet
Royal Bank of Canada
Dye Durham and Company
SAP Corporation
Dynamic Seals Inc.
Security Pacific Bank
Elora Festival
Skyline Hotel
Seiko Canada Inc.
EDS Data Systems
Shaman Seth Financial Services
Etobicoke Board of Education
Sony of Canada
First Boston National Bank
Southam Communications
Goldman, Spring and Schwartz
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