Lee McClernon

Born in London, Ontario, and currently residing in Vancouver, BC, Lee has always been involved in visual arts. In her younger years she would create drawings with charcoal, paper mache and pottery. Later she fell in love with photography. This inspired her to travel throughout Europe to capture it`s beauty in photographs. Through these travels she would find herself at many galleries lingering at the abstracts. When she arrived home she temporarily put down her camera and picked up a canvas and a selection of acrylic. What she thought would be a part time hobby, soon became a full time passion.

"I have painted for the last 10 years and continue to receive great satisfaction adding to my creations. I prefer vertical canvases to horizontal and paint in acrylic, creating depth with various tools and paint. I will paint until something begins to stir inside of me and if it doesn`t, I will completely paint over it. This is when the painting takes on in a different direction and takes on a life of it`s own."

Lee McClernon's CV